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If you feel bored your evenings with friends, you can always fall back on The Wheel Challenge. The goal is simple: who will manage to meet the most challenging (as a joke, imitating an animal, a swallow Flabby, ...). A nice application that quickly reveals, however, quite limited.
To begin, click "play" at the home screen. Choose the number of participants (2 to 8 people) and enter their name. Take turns, run the wheel (the bar at the bottom of the screen shows the power gauge). The wheel is divided into many sections (the "pie") as part of the players account. Each pie is associated with the color of a player. If the cursor stops on a color wheel, a challenge is offered to the player associated with that color.
To win, you must pass as many challenges as possible, knowing that each accepted challenge earns you one point. When you refuse to submit to your pledge, you leave the game but you keep your score. Whoever has the most point�s wins. The principle is simple and effective.
Still, your fun will inevitably depend on the challenges offered. Good news, you can edit and add at will. To do this, go to the "options" on the home screen and press "change challenges." Nothing prevents you so you use the application as a set of the bottle or an improved version of strip poker.
We pass on the music rather exasperating the game (you can disable the options). The problem is that whatever you do, the principle of the game remains pretty basic. So you may quickly around in circles. More annoying, not game history is available. No score, no player profiles with the challenges faced in most cases. It's a shame because it would have improved the longevity of the application. The interest of The Wheel Challenge is mainly dependent on your imagination. Because on the merits, this App is ultimately a simple wheel of chance.
The fun is absolutely depends on the way we set the challenge,..
To download it, you can find this game on large android apps market.
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