Watch Tv Streaming on Your Android

The aplication searchs over internet for tv-shows links capables to be played directly on your device, with full screen support using megavideo, frogmovz, karambavidz and other hosting services. The search resoult are shown in a intuitive and easy to use interface.

The lite version only have access to 12 preselected tv-shows, but in the full app (comercial) you can find hundreds of tv shows (full episodes)

For the lite version the selected tv-shows are :

Friends, The X-Files , Family Guy, Being Human, Monk, Lost, Heroes , Misfits, Prison Break , Breaking Bad.

Now added: The Simpsons, South Park
Changed: Dexter to Family Guy

We are listening, any sugestion is welcome.

Please , vote on market if you like it,


Requirements :

- Android version 2.2 or 2.3 (Froyo or Gingerbread)

- Adobe Flash Player (not available for all the devices)
(NOTE: HTC Wildfire is NOT supported; no adobe flash player is available for this device)

- 600 Mhz processor (1 Ghz is recommended and needed for some videos)

- Wifi or good data connection signal (4g). ( Specially for EVO Sprint users that are having buffering problem)

NOTE: Not all the videos are in the same quality, network speed requirements can be diferent for each video.
Check your speed conection before reporting buffering issue!


- Honeycomb support, now Motorola Xoom is fully supported.
(thanks Xezuka)

- Added IMDB information
- Removed ocasionally ads in main video servers.
- fixed minor bugs from previous version

- Added full integration with loombo links
- Option (for Karambavidz and Loombo links) to open video with external players installed on the device, like the android default player or any other (with HDMI support if the player support it).
- Some UI changes.
- Internal improvements

- Desire HD and desire Z auto fullscreen megavideo support. (Solved white screen issue)
- Removed autofullscreen from menu.(Now always fullscreen for all devices)
- Better integration of megavideo login(fixing galaxy tab issue)

- Added new option in main menu for megavideo premium users credentials. Now is completely working (with fullscreen support).


UPDATE: This app has not been tested with custom ROMs. If you experience problems try uninstalling the rom flash player and install flash player from the market.

DOWNLOAD: You can download from android market searching "TV shows stream"

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