Google Cloud Print with the Android Smartphone

Google maintains tight course on the way to the internet all-rounder. A milestone on the way: the beta version of Google Cloud Print, through which to send in the future can be from any Internet-enabled device to print to any printer connected to the world. From the target is Google Cloud Print still a long way away, but android users can also take advantage of this offer now. We show you how.

What is it good?

Cloud with Google Print can print jobs from the Android smartphone to any, be sent to a printer connected PC. For example, if a document on Monday morning at the office should be available, it can be sent at the weekend. But only if the addressed PC is also available online. Otherwise, the print job enters the queue and will run until after booting.

Even for people who share a printer and fear the establishment of a permanent network, this can be a practical solution.


In order to use Google Cloud Print with the smartphone to be able to before, a few precautions are taken.

Firstly, you need a Google account. The course is anyone who calls his owns an Android smartphone. It permits the use of Google Docs. Meanwhile, Google has expanded its online office service for an Android app, which should also be found in the App list of the phone. On the PC also has the Google Chrome browser installed.
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