Complete Review of HTC Salsa

The Salsa is the result of HTC's attempt to create the ultimate Facebook phone. Letting you quickly upload entries to your Facebook wall at the touch of a button, it's likely to find favour with dedicated social butterflies, but there's much more to this phone that status updates and spamming your chums with pointless links.
Salsa boasts a larger, 3.4-inch screen, with a 480x320-pixel resolution. Note that HTC's LCD technology still struggles to match the luminous brilliance of Samsung's Super AMOLED displays.
Physical controls are limited to a power button, volume rocker and a camera button. The only other key on the entire device is a blue button located just below the touch-sensitive Android shortcuts, but it's the most significant part of the Salsa's design.
This dedicated Facebook button allows you to post content directly to your wall in a matter of seconds. It has multiple applications. A similar process can be followed to post links, share videos and even let people know what you're currently listening to on your phone's music playerIf you're the sort of person who loves to share every element of your life, this tiny little button is likely to become your best friend.
The fun doesn't end there. Holding down the button for longer opens up the Facebook Places mode, which lets you check in at your current location or create a new location profile. Your friends will not only be informed of every photo, Web page and song you encounter, but also of your precise position, 24 hours a day.
Salsa is very much a mid-range Androidhandset. The 800MHz CPU is enough most of the time, but there are moments of noticeable lag when you're involved in some simultaneous tasks.
HTC's Sense skin sits snugly over the top of Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread, one of the most up-to-date versions of Android currently available. The version of Sense on the Salsa includes a new lock screen that allows you to jump directly to certain activities via shortcut icons.
HTC's Watch service,allows you to view hi-def movies on your handset,. Thankfully, the drastically improved notification bar, offering shortcuts to important settings such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, remains firmly in place.
The Salsa comes with a 5-megapixel camera that's capable of recording standard-def videos. It also boasts a front-facing snapper for video calls.
Another unexpected surprise is the phone's impressive battery life. The 1,520mAh power cell keeps the Salsa ticking over for much longer than most Android handsets -- we got well over a day of active use out of the phone.
The HTC Salsa offers fair-enough power, good battery life and an impressive screen, and also Facebook features. If you're after a Facebook-focused phone, we recommend the Salsa for a better bet than other facebook smartphone. Even if you rarely doing social networking and status updates, the friendly blue button is easy enough to ignore when the rest of the package is so appealing.
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