How to use Swype on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Many of us Galaxy users are aware of some bundled apps in our Tabs  but most of us never bother to check out or take a look at the capability of most of them. One of those apps that we ignored is the Swype, a type of text input that is quite different from how we normally operate our Android keyboards and touch pads. once you hurdle the initial learning curve, you can type way faster than the conventional tap tap method on your touch screens. This app is just what the text and chat addicts needs. They can amaze their friends by replying very fast on chats and endless text message marathons on unlimited text plans.

So how do you use Swype? all you have to do is slide or drag your finger across the letters of the word that you are trying to type and the software quickly guesses what you are trying to say with a high degree of accuracy most of the time. It is so amazingly fast and as soon as you learn it, you will get hooked and will never return to traditional  tap typing on virtual keyboards.

To enable Swype, tap Settings, tap Locale and Text and then select Swype Input Method on the Text Settings. On the Swype Settings page specify your preferences as to language, word prediction, audio feedback and other items. You can also set Swype Advanced Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you can access the Tutorial and help page. Click on the Tutorial and you will have an interactive lessons on how to quickly learn Swype. Though Swype is so easy to learn and use, I suggest you try the tutorial first to avoid frustrations later when you badly need to type characters and punctuation.

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