How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab P-1000 to Factory Settings

If ever something happens to your Samsung Galaxy Tab P-1000 where an application freezes and renders the tablet unusable, you might need to reset your Galaxy to factory settings.

To do this, go to Settings, tap Privacy and then select Factory Data Reset. This action will erase all data on the device and upon completion, your Galaxy Tab will be like brand new as if just taken out of the box recently.

I have read from other sources that the Galaxy Tab P-1000 can be reset using the hardware buttons. I haven't tried it though so please act with caution. I will not be responsible for any untoward outcome that may result from these tips.

To do so, press the volume down button for about 10 seconds and then simultaneously press the power button. This will result to the same factory default like the method mentioned previously.

To be able to recover your important files, make it a habt to back-up your device frequently.
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