Samsung to add ultraviolet sensor to Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has been focusing on health in its mobile devices for the last few years. With the Galaxy S 4, the company first introduced S Health for fitness and diet tracking, though it was pretty basic at the time. With the Galaxy S5, the app has significantly improved and a heart rate sensor was added to the device. This new sensor furthered the health theme, and it seems like Samsung is going to take it even further later this year.

According to this rumor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature an ultraviolet (UV) sensor. And surprisingly, it sounds somewhat useful. This sensor will be used to measure UV radiation from the sun, letting you know how dangerous UV radiation is at that point. It’ll use five UV index levels, from low to extreme.

As many of you know, UV radiation is pretty dangerous. If you’re out in extreme levels of UV, your skin can start burning within minutes. The device will warn you when you’ll need extra protection from the sun and when to worry less.

On one hand, this actually seems pretty useful because many people ignore UV radiation as a health risk. This is especially true on cloudy or wintry days, where UV radiation is still dangerous. On the other hand, it seems a little extreme to be worried about the sun so much that you use your phone to test UV levels.

If the next Galaxy Note device actually does feature this UV sensor, it would definitely be a useful addition to those who want it. And if you don’t want it, it’s as simple as not using it (much like the heart rate monitor on the Galaxy S5 is easy to ignore). Plus, Samsung might add extra functionality to the sensor. Do you like this idea?

Source: SamMobile
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