Google Wallet update brings gift cards and money requests to your mobile device

The Google Wallet app is rolling out an update that includes a few changes, including the ability to manage your gift cards and send money requests to others. We understand that the update will push to both Android and iOS, but we are not yet seeing the updated version of Wallet in the Google Play Store.
The update will be for US customers only, for now, and includes:
  • Gift card manager
  • Money requests
  • Send money using your debit card
  • Spanish language support
The gift card manager is pretty slick, scan in your gift cards, similar to how you scanned in your loyalty cards, then use Wallet to keep track of your balance, make online purchases or, for select vendors like Best Buy, display a code on your device to make payments from the card balance in-store.

Google Wallet users have already been able to send money through the app to other Wallet users, the new update will allow you to now also request funds from other users. This is pretty basic functionality so far, you may have to stick with PayPal (which also got gift card support today) if you have need to send professional invoices to clients.
Sending money from your debit card is a great touch, adding an alternative payment method for those times your Wallet balance is too small and you do not wish to put the charge on your credit card.
This Android update Wednesday pushed out a few other app updates as well that are slowly rolling out to users. Go ahead and hit the Google Play Store to see if your new Wallet is ready. If not, and waiting a little longer is not an option, head over to the apk download at XDA-Developers and enjoy your side loading experience.
Be honest now, are you an avid Wallet user? Will gift card support entice you to fire it up more often?
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