How to set-up Globe prepaid internet for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

A friend has just recently asked for my help in connecting her Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the Internet using her Globe prepaid Sim. The tech support that I have made was done through telephone so I cannot post any screenshot of the changing of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 settings. Anyways, I just figured this post could be of help to other Galaxy 10.1 owners who might encounter the same problem.

My friend told me that she used to browse the internet using her prepaid Sim but somehow something has changed with the configuration hence she is unable to access the internet recently. I told her to open the settings of the Galaxy tab and check if the "Use Packet Data" is checked inside the "Mobile Network Settings". This is where most Android users gets snagged on their first attempt to connect to the Internet via 3G cellular connection. If it is unchecked, whatever you do whether you are in prepaid of postpaid, you ain't gonna connect.

My friend told me that the particular setting is checked so it's out of the equation. Next that I asked her is if the APN of Globe is correctly entered in the "Access Point Names" settings and the reply is she's seeing "Postpaid" and "Prepaid" and the former is the one highlighted and she cannot change it to "Prepaid". With the "Postpaid: highlighted I pretty certain that the APN configured in her Galaxy Tab is the postpaid value for Globe which is "". I told her to click on the "postpaid" and sure enough upon checking the value on the APN field, it was exactly what I have in mind. So having determined it, I told her to change the value to "" and just like a charm, she connected to the Internet thru 3G.
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