Google : Android Will Remain as an Open Source

Although soon to have Motorola, Google certain won't change the business model that has run the Android platform throughout the last 2 years. Google CEO Larry Page confirmed that Android are retained as an open source platform.

 "This acquisition won't alter our commitment to running Android as an open platform." said Larry Page in an official statement on Google's site on Monday (8/15/2011).

Larry Page conjointly asserts that the Motorola can run as separate businesses. Google would continue partnerships with different hardware makers. In fact, Google promised, as an integral a part of Motorola's entry can enhance the user expertise higher within the future.

 "Motorola is additionally market leader in devices within the home and business video solutions. With the transition to internet protocol, we actually cannot wait to figure with Motorola and also the business as an entire to support the partners and jointly promote the acceleration of innovation in this field, "said Larry Page. He assured the partners that Android users who do Google's acquisition can offer nice advantages for the ecosystem. Because, not solely enhance technological innovation, mastery of Motorola's patents by Google also will enhance the competitiveness of the Android platform competitors, like Apple with the IOS and Nokia and Microsoft with Windows Phone.

 "We expect this mix permits us to create new breakthroughs within the Android ecosystem. However, our vision of Google's Android has not modified and also the firm is absolutely committed to create Android as an open source platform and a strong open source community. We'll still cooperate with all partners to develop and distribute innovative devices primarily based on Android, "said Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile on Google. One of Google's main motivation to require over Motorola is strengthening its patent portfolio to compete with Microsoft and Apple. This is often to strengthen the competitiveness of Android within the future.
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