Complete Review of Samsung Galaxy Fit

Galaxy Fit encompasses a style quite elegant and a lot larger than Galaxy Mini. The interface conjointly appearance a lot of 'mature' from Galaxy Mini. Chrome trim wrapped round the body Galaxy Fit showing in shiny shades. within the back adorned with textured vertical stripes. If you verify the form, initially look reminded Google Nexus. The distinction this series look a lot of slender and petite. Speaking of physical material, Galaxy Fit encompasses a slippery texture that's tough and includes an ergonomic when held or pocketed.

Main options Screen: QVGA resolution
Capacitive touch screen Galaxy Fit encompasses a 3.31-inch diagonal with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Fascinating, as a result of some still carrying the phone category diagonal screen below three inches. Injections of sixteen million colours strengthen this sector. To look at, the computer screen is sort of bright and clear. the photographs displayed were quite targeted, sharp and made color.

Camera: normal
Galaxy Fit presenting with a resolution of five megapixel camera (2592 � 1944 pixels). sadly, not supported though it absolutely was originated LED flash autofocus feature. Camera continues to be the quality Android. Problem ensuing image, we have a tendency to get fairly sensible results outdoors. however indoors in low lightweight conditions the image appearance a trifle dark even if the main target is sweet. Oh yes, this camera will record QVGA video at 15 fps.

OS & Processors:
Accelerating smoothly however there's still a spot Android operating system v2.2 (Froyo) and 600 MHz processor offers 'life' on this phone. Browse the menus and transitions between pages embrace each. however it still appears less reliable when used to multitasking. Lag began to occur when multiple applications open simultaneously.

Interface: Normal
You'll find three homescreen initially activated. However, it can be reduced or added to seven homescreen. Well, on the homescreen, you'll install on widgets, shortcuts or folders. within the background, you'll install an everyday or wallpapers. On the most menu, accessible pages filled with icons during a grid format of 4 columns. If the charge during a full page, it'll show a replacement page which might later be accessed by swiping the screen menu to the left or right in keeping with the page position is found. this is often the hallmark of the TouchWiz.

Internet: Satisfactory
Galaxy Fit supports web browsing through HSDPA data channels (7.2 Mbps). various web access via Wi-Fi are often a fairly sensible signal capture capabilities. Oh yes, this phone has Mobile AP, specifically WiFi hotspots to deploy data services to alternative devices via Wi-Fi.

First bit When exploring the phone body, we discover micro SD slot hotswap character. honest to extend the capability of internal memory that is concerning a hundred and sixty MB. It conjointly supports many buttons below the screen. Physical button to access the house is found within the center similarly as 2 bit buttons to access functions and menus back there on the left and right.

Galaxy Fit offers capacitive sensors on the bit screen. Feedback was sensible to the touch, as well as in its category. you'll conjointly fancy multi-touch (techniques with page zooming using 2 fingers) in some applications like browsers or photo gallery. Accelerometer is constructed for a selected feature (when you modify the position of the phone automatically rotates the screen).

Problem audio, you will find the quality Android music player. The menu is casual and doesn't offer a possibility that a lot of flexibility in enjoying songs like equalizer. Loudspeaker was solely emits sound with standard qualities. Luckily accessible 3.5 mm audio port to plug during a headset. Data transfer are often done via Bluetooth and micro USB data cable.

Finally, in terms of applications, the Galaxy Fit offer normal facilities like fast Quickoffice, Google Maps (GPS supported), email, Google Talk, YouTube to the Android Market. If it still not enough, you can add your own applications via the Android Market, with simple and lots of free applications accessible.
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