HTC Desire HD Rooting Guidance

Now i'm gonna give a shot about how to root your HTC Desire HD in an easy steps as follows,


ASTRO FILE MANAGER. Tools are available from the Android Market, useful to install the files

Paul's Visionary + tool.
Paul's Visionary + tool. This tool provides root access and remove the HTC protection procedures.

DHD sfjuocekr script. To install the engineering version of h-boot to disable security (S-Off).

Let's get started !
Plug HTC Desire HD to your PC / Laptop, and select mode 'Disk Drive'
Create a new folder on your SDCard and name the "Applications", download Paul's Visionary + tool and place it in the folder "Applications", the loose HTC DHD from your PC / Laptop
Install Visionary + tools to your DHD using ASTRO FILE MANAGER, then open the Applications folder and press files Visionary + tool and select Open App Manager then INSTALL. After the Visionary + tool is installed, then:
+ Run, enable "Set System r / w after-root"
+ Click "Temproot Now!" - Wait until the end
+ Click on "Attempt Permroot Now!" and DHD will reboot automatically
+ Test whether your DHD rooted, by the way, go to Market, download the "Terminal Emulator" then run and type su, when the DHD is rooted, it would appear the sign #, if not, repeat again from the beginning
Install engineering version of h-boot to disable security (S-Off)
+ Download sfjuocekr DHD script, and then Unzip and copy the contents of the folder to the root SDCard, then rename the folder into DHD DHD-smart
Terminal Emulator + Run and type command:


sh / sdcard / DHD / check

wait a minute, if it goes well and type:

sh / sdcard / DHD / backup
wait again for a while, if run well and then type:

sh / sdcard / DHD / hboot

NOTE: remember! typing the command in the Terminal Emulator is CASE sensitive, so write in accordance with the instructions on the DHD screen. if you confused just follow the next steps listed on the screen, although there will be some error, it is FAIR, which should be a concern is the MD5 checksum listed on display Terminal Emulator.
+ If the above steps are completed properly, engineering hboot already installed on your DHD, please exit the Terminal Emulator

Custom Install Recovery image
+ Use the ROM from Market Manager to download and install Custom ClockworkMod Recovery image
+ Run Android Market, download and install the ROM Manager app
+ Run the ROM Manager and select the first option, Flash ClockworkMod Recovery
+ Wait until finished ROM Manager (Latest version is
+ When finished, tap the option "Reboot into Recovery" to get into recovery mode you DHD
+ DHD will restart and go into recovery mode from ClockworkMod Recovery, and then press the "Power" on the HTC Desire Andra to reboot.

NOTE: To bring back the Recovery Mode, press the POWER button, then select the restart, then Press and Hold the button POWER & Volume Down (-) simultaneously, until the Recovery Mode. Remember! in Recovery Mode, the Volume button is used to drive up and down while the power button as the OK button.
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