Concept Phone With a Large Transparent Sapphire Glass

What will happen when a luxury car manufacturer and luxury mobile phone become in one project? Whatever they make, this will be great. Mobiado as the luxury mobile phone manufacturer will cooperate with Aston Martin which we know as the luxury car manufacturer. Their collaboration�s result is Mobiado CTP002. Mobiado CTP002 is a concept phone with a large transparent sapphire glass with two titanium edges on the right and left. Mobiado CTP002 will be able to integrate with your car and display. After Mobiado integrate with your car, it will possible to display a map of place around your location and your friends from foursquare on your car screen. 

After taking a photo, some of us will immediately share it with our friends on facebook or twitter, Mobiado CTP002 which has integrated with the car will be able to post photos quickly. Mobiado CTP002�s glass screen is a capatitive screen. Some of you might have doubt about this phone, but if Mobiado CTP002 has successfully passed the concept phase and Mobiado CTP002 will be presented at the Basel World 2011. We sure if Mobiado CTP002 has successfully passed the concept phase, a lot of people will definitely looking for this phone, because of its great design and also its ability to integrate with your car.

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