Apps Inside Droid X

Motorola has set a new standard of mobile phone industry when it released the super fast Droid X. This android phone brings a brilliant 4.3-inch hd screen, high definition video tape and a 1GHz processor that keeps its applications humming along at schism neck speed. However are there any applications that take advantage of its speed? I believe that these apps below make the most use of the new Droid X.

One thing to remember is that this phone is turning into a small computer further as such, you will be downloading software, photos, games and music that you will not want to evade should something happen to its software. with that in mind I would recommend a Droid X application called MyBackup Pro. This backup software will backup everything prestige your phone. veritable will also allow you to schedule backups to the company's server or the phones SD card. Don't make the act of wishing you had this application when it's very late.

Google Goggles is a free application which uses the camera on the phone to retrieve information about any stimulation you manage a photo of. Once you snap the picture, it only takes seconds screen the Droid X's faster speed to return web pages filled with information about your object.

WaveSecure is a must have application. Once it is installed on your Android phone, you commit factor able to boast its location by GPS should intrinsic be gone astray or stolen. It also locks down the phone should anyone bid and remove the SIM card after you remotely activate WaveSecure.

If you are like me and consider a not so good memory, you will love the Car Locator application. This Android app makes it easy to find your car in a crowded parking lot by simply touching a button on your home screen. Once the button is touched, the phone will memorize its location by GPS. When you are racing to find your vehicle, the Droid X app is going to show you a map which takes you back to your car!

What is a Droid X without music? Pandora offers a free application the will stream ragtime directly to your phone. It offers a useful widget which gives you functional dispense this day from the home page. This is an apps your ears will not want to be without.

you can now stop reading and go to the Android Market to download these superior Droid X apps.
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