Apps For Android : SemiSilent, Simple But Important

Silencing your phone isn't always a black-and-white case. On one hand, striking off sounds means you won't be interrupted if you're working and you won't be the man everyone hates at the movie theater. On the other hand, you might miss out on an extremely urgent things and very important news.

That's where the app SemiSilent for Android comes in. The app assumes that not all of your phone's contacts are created equally and allows you to customize who will still can reach you when you'd rather not be bothered.

Apps For Android
Launch the app, and you'll see your entire contact records on the display screen. Scroll through this index and select all of the contacts you'd like to be available to, though  you're on a work meeting, at a play, a funeral or even in the bathroom.

After you've selected your spouse, kids, babysitter or boss, you just check the box at the top of your app's screen to turn the feature on. Then, set your cell phone to silent mode to save yourself from being disturbed by anyone who's not on that list.

The app works great, and it's really overwhelming to have discovered another tool that fills a void in my days.
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