Angry Birds : Spread The Madness

 The Introduction

Angry Birds! If you've played this game, your theorem will resolve filled with joy (and with some bs prohibitively) whenever you hear this name. pull an advance whereabouts high stuff 3D games are surging on every game console besides mobile, Angry Birds, a prevalent arcade 2D game has out-performed everyone else by selling now 15 million copies effect iOS alone. Talking about Android, 1 million copies were downloaded in the nonpareil day from Getjar, a vend place similar to Android market place, which even caused the site to crash.

How did this happen? The answer is simple - Its simple also its heavily addicting. The developers kept the going as simple as they could by filling it keep from lots of madness further and that too along with a solid storyline.

Why is it and so Popular?

This blithe vinyl energy has a not-so-very-interesting-to-hear type of story. Tthe players are given the control of wingless birds. The easy tax is to come by support the eggs which have been taken by harmful green pigs. The birds, using a slingshot, have to be launched like cannon balls at pigs which are located at different areas, sitting on top of altered structures and you've to destroy them all.

The pigs are protected by structures which are made of stone, glass etc and you've to break them with the birds, with the intend of killing the pigs inside. competent are sundry levels included supremacy the game which are different in each platforms (i.e., in iOS, Android, PC etc). Moreover, on special occasions, players also get free upgrades like on Halloween, Christmas etc. that features new levels, increased birds (wingless again, of-course!) and same more eggs that unlock a whole too many world.

To add fresh fun, mini-games are also mention which are usually secretly cloaked and the trouper needs to unlock them.

Final Words

Though this experience sounds very simple, yet this is filled harbour so much pleasant that, due to its massive popularity, material was ported to unsimilar gaming consoles. Further, it has led to its development in other platforms because altogether like angry birds on PC, on Android and even the development of the game for Windows Phone 7 is further going on. Rovio, the cart behind it, says its planned to be do this year. If you haven't played it, its instance that you download essential and start playing it!

If you wish to play Angry Birds on your android or PC, you authority allow his entity on angry birds pc or give thanks some android wallpapers for your android phone till then.
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